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“AFPI added Zoom Class for Students”

News in Details :

AFPI has been conducting online class since 28th of Ashad, 2077 through two different mediums (i.e Viber and Facebook Messenger ) in the pandemic time period. AFPI added Zoom class as well from 21st of Bhadra, 2077. AFPI tutors as well as part time tutors will be conducting 40 minutes class temporarily in Zoom every single day of the week. The zoom class will be extended in few days in colaboration with Zoom for one hour per period for specific subject. The class routine has been published below with the schedule and time table. Kamal sir inaugurated the first class on Zoom Cloud on 21st of Bhadra. Students also find Zoom class more effective and efficient as students can interact with the lecture in a live session. Tutors also find this session as effective session as they can describe their presentation slides in the live session in the mass of the students. All the three programs will be conducting zoom class and viber session on the daily basis to the students.

Students Presence in Zoom class

In the first session the zoom class, the students presence was half of the total capacity. The course-cordinators have been trying to contact each of the students personally to make them aware of new teaching system. Many students are in contact with the tutors but due to lack of techno-friendly knowledge, they are finding zoom application a bit harder to use. After few sessions, they will be comfortable with the Zoom Application and AFPI except to have full attendence of the students in the Zoom Class.

Students Attendence

Students attendence will be essential part of the academic process in the Zoom Class and Viber session as the pandemic situation is in growing phase in Nepal . There are many possibilities that if the pandemic situation continues; students upgrade in different semesters can be overlooked through the attendence and different assignments. There students attendence is mandatory and will not be overlooked through their situations.

Sudents Problems and Queries regarding the ZOOM Class and Viber Session

The students are requested to contact their Course coordinator on facing problems on ZOOM class or Queries about the time period given by other tutors, explanation obligations in ZOOM class, or many more. The tutors are also requested to contact their respective course coordinators on regarding the problems on the ZOOM class but not to the students. The course coordinator details in provided below:

Tutors NameCourse coordinator of programPhone Number
Mr. Subhas NeupaneRegular Plant Science9847181574
Mr. Rajan Sagar ChaudharySponsered Plant Science9849928527
Dr. subash BelbaseAnimal Science9867208057

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