मङ्लबार, जेष्ठ २९, २०८१

Program Description

The Diploma in Agriculture (Intermediate in Science in Agriculture) major in an animal science course is of 3 years duration. First-year covers basic sciences, math, and languages which provide the base for the study in subsequent years and also provide the base for bachelor level study in the related field. Second-year courses are of a mixed type which covers common agriculture-related courses such as Extension and Community development, Elementary Statistics and Basic Computer Sciences, Agribusiness Management, and Marketing, Aquaculture, Introductory Plant Science and some specialized courses of animal sciences such as Animal Nutrition and Fodder Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Animal Health I (clinical medicine), and Animal Housing and Environmental Sciences. Third-year courses are totally related to animal husbandry and veterinary sciences which include Animal Health II(preventive veterinary medicine), Commercial Dairy Farming, Dairy and Animal Product Technology, Commercial Poultry Production, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Equine, Rabbit, and Pets, Veterinary Clinical Practice and Work Experience Program (WEP).

Course Structure

First Year

S.NSubjectsCredit hours/weekContact hours/weekFull marks

Second Year

S.NSubjectsCredit hours/weekContact hours/weekFull marks
1Extension and Community Development3+15100
2Agribusiness Management and Cooperatives3+15100
3Aquaculture and fisheries2+14100
4Statistics and Computer Application2+14100
5Introductory Plant Science2+14100
6Animal Nutrition and Fodder Production3+15100
7Animal Housing and Environmental Science2+14100
8Animal Health I3+15100
9Sheep, Goat and Swine Production2+14100

Third Year

S.NSubjectsCredit hours/weekContact hours/weekFull marks
1Commercial Dairy Farming3+15100
2Animal Health II3+15100
3Dairy and Animal Product
4Poultry Entrepreneurship2+14100
5Veterinary Laboratory Techniques2+14100
6Animal Breeding and Artificial Insemination2+14100
7Equine, Rabbit and Pet Animals2+14100
8Veterinary Clinic Practices0+1250
9Work Experience Program (WEP)0+48300
Grand total for plant science902650

Message from Course Coordinator

Technical education and technical manpower in the field of veterinary science is the dire need of present time. Well-equipped labs and clinic, farms, availability of all academic resources, excellent and friendly teaching-learning environment with well qualified and supporting teaching staffs makes this institute as one of the best pioneering constituent college under CTEVT for the aspirants of Veterinary Science in Diploma level.

Best Regards,

                                                                                                                        Course Co-ordinator (Animal Science)