बिहिबार, जेष्ठ ३१, २०८१

“AFPI set up well equipped lab with veterinary clinic began its service”

News in details

Agroforestry polytechnic institute has set up the lab with advance veterinary clinic and has already operated its activities. The establishment of veterinary clinic with lab is a boon not only for the students but also for local farmers of Chhatradev rural municipality including neighboring municipalities. Clinic with lab aims to provide scientific diagnostic-based treatment of animal diseases including general examination, surgical operation and many more. It is the great step to add efficiency in delivering the practical based knowledge to the veterinary students thereby improving their skills ultimately to produce competent manpower as a technician in the field of veterinary and livestock sector.

यो क्लिनिकको जिम्मा र बेबस्थापन कसले गर्छ ?

● It will be under the supervision of A.F.P.I
● Veterinary doctors of A.F.P.I will take the lead of the clinic . The animal’s medical treatment including : operating, distribution of medicines, testing of blood, dung, etc. will by done by registered professional veterinary doctors
● All the practical session of program ( Diploma in Agriculture- Animal Science ) will be conducted in these clinics under the supervision of professional veterinary doctors
● Anybody from the district can come in the clinic with their animal problems . Doctors will look after the problem and give the appropriate medicine, prescriptions, do testings, or operate if necessary
● Charge will be taken to the outsiders (villagers) but in a minimum fare.

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