बुधबार, फाल्गुन ९, २०८०

High Resolution CCTV Cameras installed in A.F.P.I


  • High Resolution CCTV Cameras are being installed as per the instruction of Principal (Dr. Raju Bhusal )
  • 17 high -resolution CCTV cameras are being installed all around the lab, academic halls, around the A.F.P.I, to monitor the infrastructures.
  • All the cameras are being connected to principal’s space for the supervision.
  • The installation work is ongoing with the professional installers.
  • A.F.P.I is now uplifting as per the need to the digitization.
  • A.F.P.I has been a new initiative in the arghakhanchi district for having best academic success as it has digitalized the old system of teaching by applying projectors with new teaching style through the help of pdfs, videos, and many more ;

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