बिहिबार, जेष्ठ ३१, २०८१

A.F.P.I website is fully operational from 1st of August with different functions to students, tutors, & Visitors

A.F.P.I ‘s website is fully operational from 1st of August as it was under modification as per the requirements of Dr. Raju Bhusal . A.F.P.I new website is full of different functionalities as we are in digitization age.

All the academic staffs has been given access to the login account to upload different studying materials to students in a specific page of website. The academic team can prepare different blogs in the login account and publish into the latest news section of the college. It was done to update the students and all the visitors to make them aware of different operations going on with in the institute.

Website visitor’s also can know about different tendors, notices and many more through the notice section of the website.

All the daily updates of institute can be seen in gallery through the medium of picture. All the pictures will be saved in high resolution so that it can be downloaded and save as the form of memory

All the details of administrative team and academic team is updated in the website. All the programs ongoing within the institute is also described in the website. Students can apply Online Form and know about their Queries through the institute.

National Incubation and Research Center has provided the institute the best operational website to the institute. The institute thanks the company for such co-operation .

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